Paradise Ranch Cattery has been producing these awesome felines since 1996.
I have collected many comments from our new owners and would like to share what they have to say about our Kittens we have produced.

*** this is a Ruby Red and Evo female kitten>>>

 Good morning

Opal (aka Opi) is doing very Well. The other cats like her and the dogs like her. None of my family have met her yet but trust me I’ve sent plenty of pictures. We have a big house and she knows it. Loves to run and squish the bathroom rugs up into piles. She sleeps either on my head or between my feet every night. She is such a good kitten. We just love her. She already has a toy box full of toys. You certainly raise amazing kittens.
Have a great day

Just wanted to let you know that Miss Opal is doing great. She is the life of the party. She keeps the dogs well entertained. The two other cats don’t have too much to do with her but the little black cat I found last summer in the woods just spits and spits. The little one doesn’t seem to intimidated by it. I showed Opal herself in my phone this morning and she arched her back and spit. I’m not sure that I have ever laughed that hard. Such a big noise coming out of that tiny little body. Anyways, she has seemed to just settle right in and own the joint. She is such a joy. We are having a ball with her.
Take care
Terri & Miss Opal

***Just wanted to send you an update of our beautiful lynx point bobtail Willow! We adopted her from you back in January & we absolutely adore her!

& she's made great friends with our little old lady Missy! Best buddy's!

 She also hasn't left my mothers side as she's  been under going cancer treatment. She always knows when she's not feeling well. She's such a great cat!

We love her! ��

-Christina & Glen

***Below is about Ruby Red /Dreamer American Bobtail kitten>>


Hi Kristy,
Willow is doing great,
I have never seen a Cat with so much attitude and spunk!
She also lets me know when she wants me to go to bed. She sleeps with me at my side.
If I don’t do what she wants then she walks sideways then in front of me and grabs my ankle just like Bobbie use to!
Also her little growl or meow sounds like Bobbie, I was lying in bed last night and realized she sounded just like Bobbie, it’s not a normal meow.
Thank You so much!
My baby has Attitude and walks like a large Tiger!  She is so Awesome!
                     Elaine S. King


*** ABOVE> RAGBOB, Charlie


This boy is 1 yr today. He is such an amazing cat. I completed the first wall of the cat playground for his birthday. He is so loving. Attaching pictures of him enjoying his birthday today.

Hope all is well with you.

Lulu Evo Male, see below info

 ******he is nothing but a stuffed animal and a big whinner.  there's rarely a time when Brutas Paws Taylor is not in someone's hands being lugged about happily by one lady in this family or another.  And he cries like a baby when he's not.  :)  gorgeous markings and the oddest hands ever.  as if he has thumbs and he uses them to grip too.

LULU/EVO polydactyl bobtail male

 Comment on Lulu and Evos Polydactly male.

 ***Big Foot is typically smothered and lugged about by the two four year old twins 24-7.  he sleeps with them in the upper bunk.  The rest of the time he is Lola's on guard beside her every other second.  Occasionally they request he be removed because he sleeps on their chests and, "Daddy, can you take him.  He's too hot."  He is adored and loved, long, lean and quite a fighter.  So sad he will never quite get the opportunity to hunt.  His best friend is the sulcate tortoise who roams the halls with him while we are at school and work.   My hands are marked with our daily fight training.  His fur has remained short but it is incredible to watch him move and fight.  Man, are they made to wriggle into places and attack.  Ears back, nose pointed, front paws out.  Very cool.  Thought I had some kid pics along with him but couldn't find them.  sorry it took so long to keep you posted.   Your email about his brothers reminded me.  take care.  more coming in the future.

Hank and the Taylors




The following is about Ruby Red and Dreamers, American Bobtail red tabby kitten:

Hi Kristy, 

Just to let you know we are all safe and sound in Atlanta, Haruki (they decided on that name!) was awesome on the plane and in the car. He's eaten, drank and done a wee in the litter box, the girls are beside themselves, he is hilarious, such a sweetie!!!
Thank you so much! I have a very happy family!!
 Hi Kristy!

Just wanted to give you an update on our little Haruki as he is now
called! He is doing brilliantly, settled in really well, 2 out of 3 of
our cats have totally accepted him and all of them tear up and down
and around the house chasing each other and playing! Sylvester, our
big alpha cat, has taken a little longer to fall for his charms but
the hissing and growling and occasional swat has not deterred Haruki
in the slightest, especially as
Sylvester has this wonderful long swishy tail that is so fun to play
with!! They are at the eating at the same time, nose sniffing but
occasional growl stage now.

He's eating really well, he loves his wet food and also enjoys the
tinned pink salmon that the other cats have as a treat, Richard laughs
at me as I am giving him cooked chicken breast too, well he's a
growing boy!! He struggles a bit with his dried food, his teeth
probably aren't up to it yet but he gives it a good try!

He is a huge hit at the school where I work, I take him with me if
nobody is going to be at home all day. He has met all the girls'
classmates and hangs out in the administrator's office when he is
there, she seems to get a lot more visitors on those days and he gets
totally spoiled!!

We absolutely adore him, you can probably tell!!

Hope all is well with you and all your animals.


see picture below 




The following is about one of our RAGBOBS>

 MaKai has been a dog in cat's clothing. He is such a sweetie and seems to have tuned in to my needs from the night we brought him home. He weighs a whopping 13 pounds and my vet says he is perfect and will probably top out around 15 to 17 lbs.He greets me at the door when I come home , comes when I call or whistle regardless of what he is doing. He loves our lab and pals with my Bengal who is a runt, very feisty and athletic. They have multiple games of chase throughout the day. MaKai isn't afraid of anything or anybody but when it is time to settle down , he seeks me out for a snuggle. Thank you so much for encouraging me to pick him, my beloved ragbob! 
I trust you are well...I love to see your posts and what you are up to !   Fondly, Susan

*Willow and Sky male lynx point:

"Charley, is the cutest. He has a great personality. He loves playing hide and seek and wants to be close by when it's nap time. We love snuggle time.

So glad I got him!"

Lulu/Evos tourtiseshell bobtail polydactly:
Poly refuses to slowly be integrated into the house! She hates to be alone! So we let her out of her room and an instant friendship with our huge male Savannah (Leonardis) she slept on me all night and had to have contact or she would meow! She is doing great running and playing this morning like she has been here for weeks


Thank you for all you help and care. The little boy "Clarence" is doing great. He is loving, and oh so playful. My Orange tabby treats him like a little brother. I would recommended you to anyone! Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family.




 This is about one of our RAGBOBS:

Simply put, Simba is a lover. I am his mommy and he follows me around the house like a puppy. He lays next to me while I study, he sits on me or behind me on the couch, and he either sleeps between my legs or above my head at night. He loves to play with his toys and he loves to be in the shower! Neither my husband or I can take a shower without his company. He likes to lay right at the edge of the shower floor in the water. He also doesn't mind being bathed. My husband will hold him in the shower to wash him and he just hangs out while he gets washed! He also is great with all 4 of my kids. He tolerates them well and lets them pick him up and carry him around the house. But the best part of all is that he loves to ride in the car and go camping with us. We bought a bed that we wrap over the center console in our truck and he will sit there the whole time. He loves the A/C vent blowing in his face lol.

I understand how you feel. You didn't loose Bobby, he's just living in a different house. I promise to send pictures He is doing great with everyone. We thought he would rule the house by the time we go to work on Monday am, we were wrong. He owned it about 20 mins after he walked in. He is sleeping (on his back) in the middle of the living room. not the least bit afraid of the older cat or the 2 aussies.Thank you, Thank you, thank you!
 All is well, Gizzy is the funniest cat....she does crazy things.....she has adopted a wash cloth
which we call it her baby.... she carries it around and puts it in the water dish sometimes. Not sure
why she does that, but it is funny. Then she'll run around and growl like a dog....not sure about that
either....but she is our baby and she rules the other 2 cats.
I always check your websites seeing all the new kitties....maybe one day I'll be able to get a ragbob
they look so much like my Jojo....but right now 3 cats is a handful for me anyways.
Hope you are doing well, and keeping up with all you have going on....which is alot.
Take care

Hi, there. Just wanted you to know how much we loved visiting your ranch last Friday. The two kittens we left with are doing amazingly well. They both seem to be super kitties. We’ve named the bobtailed cat “Annabel” and the long tail in “Bonnie”. Annabel is the adventurous one – Bonnie is more shy. Both follow Dad around like little puppies. They aren’t a bit shy about curling up next to him and sleeping right up close to him. It’s too cute. We’re amazed at how well adjusted they seem to be. They haven’t made a peep at night yet. And although they’ll run around and play with each when we put them on the ground, they seem to be equally content curling up in our laps and taking long naps while we hold them. I can’t get over how much in love my parents are with these kittens. They’ve already changed their lives. I assure you that no two kittens you’ve ever said goodbye to will be as loved and as spoiled as Annabel and Bonnie. I’ll send some pictures soonKindest regards.Anne
Hi Kristy,
Dakota says "HI"... She's quite a gal... Loves to go for walks, (being
carried or in her stroller). Everyone in our Park knows Dakota, even if they
don't know us. Ha.
I'm still looking for a harness for her. Do you have any suggestions?
We have a couple of outdoor restaurants around here, and would like to take
her with us, but I want to have a harness on her, so I have something to
hold on to.
Last Sunday Dakota and I went to the Flea market.... Men seem to be really
curious as to what breed etc.... they say they've never seen anything like
her. That surprises me, because men usually like dogs, and don't pay too
much attention to cats...
Ralph loves her to no end. When the therapists / nurses were coming to the
house when he had his hip replaced.. one of the gals that came... really
upset him... He told her not to come back... Dakota was going up to her, and
she pushed her away... she asked if Dakota was some kind of ally cat.... she
had a Main Coon... All the other gals that came loved Dakota...
I will send you more pics later... Need to get a new battery for my camera.
Take care and keep in touch..
Linda, Dakota, & Ralph

Its been 2 days and its impossible to imagine life without Bobby. He is doing GREAT. fitting in like he has been here forever. He has already found his favorite spot. And I'm sure you know he has 2 speeds. Full and Stop.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. They are from my phone. I am charging my digital camera now for better picts

Good morning Kristy,

Bunny and I would like to wish you happy holidays. Bunny is the sweetest cat I have ever known, she is so affectionate, playful, and adorable too :), we love her so much.


 so what did you think of how GIANT Bobby has gotten. He is by far the BIGGEST of all the cats that I have. I think that he might even be bigger than SKY. I have shown my Grandma your websites with the horses and the cats. She loves looking at all the pictures of the animals, she was wondering if one day if we drive out there you will give her a your like you gave me and Bryan.

 We live in the country, but you have a little more country than we have here in Wesley Chapel.Anyways Bobby is like a big over-grown Bunny if I ever saw one. He thinks that our new bed is all his and that we are merely furniture to sit on. He also has one of the friendliest personalities that I have ever had on a cat.

 He loves everyone that he meets. All we ever hear when people see him is " Oh my gosh that is the biggest cat"then when he gets up to say hello to them then they all want him. I tell them that they can go to you, because this baby is mine.Well I hope to hear from you soon and I will keep sending pictures of him.

 Feel free to use me as a SATISFIED CUSTOMER if you would like and you can use the pics on your page if you want people to see how absolutely wonderful their bobtail could be.

Kyra and Bryan

Will have to go see my lawyer tomorrow to deed our house to Miko. He has taken over EVERYTHING and controls all that we do. Joke.

Seriously, we can't believe this guy. He is something. Last night he decided he was going to sleep with us and of course he did. What he has learned in ten days is positively mind boggling.

 Are you sure that Sky and Tailor do not have some bird genes in them? Miko spends about 1/2 his time in the air flying on anything he can find like a trapeze artist. No maybe like superman who is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Have you heard from any of the other people who have Miko's brothers? Sure would like to know how they are acting.

This guy is unbelievable wonderful and he is such a lover.Forgot to tell you that he loves veggies and eats a bowl full whenever we give them to him. The Vet told us that he could have a the veggies he wants but no meat table food. The evening he ate a whole dish of broccoli. So far he eats artichokes, green beans and broccoli. He will get any green veggies we eat from now on. I do think that the broccoli is his favorite so far.
For about an hour each morning he goes crazy and plays as if he was a helicopter jumping up in the middle of the room about 4 feet high and spinning all the way up and down. He sleeps in our bed and started with no invitation. He sleeps the whole night through and is very peaceful the whole time.
He loves to watch TV and has attacked himself in the mirror. Do you hear anything about his brothers or his sister? You do know that he thinks that he is an airplane? He spends more time in the air than on the ground.
 He now also thinks that he knows how to play solitaire and takes over the computer. In fact, he has taken over the whole household.
Our Miko is the most entertaining cat we have ever had. He makes up games and at the same time each day he gets us to play with him.
 He is more a 2 plus human kid than a cat. Also, about 5 each day he get us wherever we are in the house and takes us to where we keep his leash. Of course that is the clue that it is time to go for a walk. Our neighbors don't believe he is a cat.
 One of the most interesting features of Miko is his ability to make up games to play with us and with Lizzy. He seems more like a child than a cat.
Lizzy brings in everything that is loose on our patio. We get a daily supply of leaves, branches, stones, marbles, and anything else she can put into her mouth. It is a riot to watch her.

Hi Kristy,

I just wanted you to know that we absoulutely adore our little flame point. She is the Queen of the house, she even put our 90lb dog in his place! Thank you so much for breeding such amazing cats! So here is her official announcement. My son who is almost 5 named her and because I loved her Daddy so much I had to carry on his name, so we are proud to announce Snowy Sky (Garthwaite).

They are a couple of characters. Minnie is every bit the lady, and Mickey is a never ending source of laughter. He has taken over a rocker in the living room and has figured out how to rock it. I am so grateful you pulled him through. He is a delight. Fr. Richard
Hello Kristy,Our Bobtails we purchased from you many years ago continue to give us the most pleasure then we could of expected. They get along very well with the 2 monkeys and the macaw. As far as cats go they have and continue to make us laugh every day. Happy Easter............Mike & Anne
last night was the first night Shanay did not have the bathroom door closed, but, the little darling found her pillow and blankey and that was where I found her this morning. Thank God Chin has been peaceful with her today. He gave her a bath all over this morning.My God, she is smart, if you show her something once, she gets it, don't have to do things over and over. She is just beautiful and the orange in her coat is going to accent her face, she is getting more of it and everyone things she is beautiful, she loves them all and loves Chin too, follows him around all the time. She is a smoocher and afraid of nothing, all in all an amazing little girl who loves kisses and being close and knows her name and meets me at the door when I come in.Thank you Kristy for making it possible for me to have her. She is a love.Peggy
She is just doing wonderful. So Curious and happy. She is eating and pooping etc. and exploring her new home. She is very funny. Purrs like crazy... She is so cute, she makes us laugh every minute. She is not afraid of anything. We have been doing nothing but playing with her all day. Laundry is piling high, but she is more fun! Everyone takes turns spoiling her.
 You are right, she is one purring spoiled little girl. We named her Princess Yeti. Princess because of course she is one and Yeti - because she is white with blue eyes, like the tibetan abominable snow man. Princess Yeti is very happy. So are we... We may run out of clean clothes around here, but it won't matter, we are having fun with our little girl.Thanks again. It must be so hard for you to let them go - I can't imagine. I will keep you updated and send pictures. Talk to you soon,Cyndi

Kristy, Raz is a delight! she is the sweetest cat. and so smart.. I cut a wide string from an apron and tied a knot in one end. when she saw it she obviously thought it was a snake and gingerly attacked it, biting and shaking it Not we throw it for her and she brings it back and deposits it at our feet so we can throw it again. better retriever than any dog I know. In the evening when mum and I sit and watch TV she moves from one to the other for attention, or to make sure we both get her attention. The floors here are pergo so they are easy to slide on. Raz runs and slides all the time. I wonder that she does not knock herself out sometimes when she is racing around slamming into things. she learned quickly that the table and counter top was off limits. she sleeps in my room cause she jumps on mum and wakes her too often. but she stacks her toys at the door and brings them in to her in the morning , until they are all piled on the bed, then bugs her to get u p and play. very good cat. insures that mum does not stay in bed all morning. Thank you thank you thank you....
J Hi Kristy,Cubby is really becoming part of the "pack" now. This morning he was relaxed enough to let Amos put him in a bear hug and groom him (one of Amos's fav things to do with his puppies). He now runs around with all the dogs loose, and is even picking up on the feeding routine, though he still doesn't understand why I lock him in that darn cage to eat!! Yesterday I finally was able to get myself to leave him alone long enough to go to a dog show. I was gone for about 6 hours, and when I got back, Amos was insistent that I hurry up and get the dogs out cause he wanted "his" kitten loose. I am still waiting for Cubby to notice my bird. So far he hasn't given Gordon (a Jardine Parrot) a second look. Until he does I will keep Cubby locked up when I am not around just to make sure he doesn't get into trouble. Amos is going to be thrilled when that period is over!Cubby is so smart. The only off limit space in the house is my kitchen counters. I was taping a puppies ears the other night when Cubs decided to try going from the top of the guinea pig cage to the kitchen counter. I couldn't put the puppy down, so for the first time since he got here, Cubby got hissed at by the momma. His response was incredible. He boogied out of the kitchen, and now sits on top of the guinea pig cage, but goes no further. Way to go Cubby:-)I was wondering how early I need to get him nuetered? Amos's breeder was confident that Amos would not be an early sprayer (she was right), so I waited till he was about 8 months old to have him done. If Cubs line is known for spraying, I will have him done sooner rather then later, but if his lines are slower, I will wait longer to let a little more testosterone develope to get that more masculine head.Hope all is well down in Florida Talk to you soonBeth

Hey there Kristy,Thanks so much for all the photos of the babies! We just love these little guys! They really are awsome. The tabby, Luigi, is very, very playful and loves the toys we bought them. Kenya, the lynx, is the more serious of the two. He prowls around after Luigi and pounces on him when he is distracted with playing with the toys, lol. It's just so cute to watch them. They are settling in beautifully and bring so much joy to our house!!How did you make out with the woman going to check on the flame point? I hope she took him to a good home. They are all so beautiful that it was hard to pick just two, lol. I have to tell you how impressed we were with the cleanliness of your cattery. And the adults were all so friendly!It was very nice meeting you and your husband as well and we will be sure to stay in touch. It won't be long until it's time to get these guys neutered, they grow too fast!Thanks again for letting us take these babies home!
I just thought you might want to see a current picture of Lily - she is the
sweetest most gentle little creature I have ever known!!
Mary Sgromolo
Congratulations Kristy. What beautiful kittens. Wish I could have more!Great to see my Hunky on your archives... twice! Harley is 19 pounds with tuffs of fur out of ears and toes... we call him The Wookie!
 They are both finally outgrowing the PTSD. Hunk still doesn't like to be picked up but he is ever so passionate and bonded with me. He curls up in my arms and looks lovingly over his shoulder, reaching his paw up to tap my face if I'm not making enough eye contact and big deal about him. Harley will let me pick him but I prefer not to for fear of physical strain!! I'll try to get some new photos. Hunk looks the same but Harley is amazing!Happy Springtime!Maureen, Hunky, Harley

We were able to pick her up at 9:00pm, had her home at 9:30. She is wonderful; all of the kittens I have known take a few days to even come out and see you; Eve took 10 min to look around than started playing. She slept some on my feet and I found her sleeping with Kaylee, in her bed this morning. She climbs up on everything and commands attention with her very load voice! It shows that you all showed her love and played with her.I think she knows she is queen of the house already.- Bob

I remember you saying that KG would outgrow her kitten stage around 3 years old......I'm still waiting. She's such a little terror - but we love her!!!! It is certainly never dull around here with her.

Hi it is Kyra and Bryan,
We got the Red Tabby from you almost a Year ago. We have moved into a way larger home.
 We now have 7 cats. We have gotten two since we got Bobby he loves all the cats it is like he has 2 little sisters.
 I will have to buy a usb cord so that I can send you pictures of him and the other cats I took two really good photos of him today
. I don't think that you would believe how HUGE he is.
 I mean he is bigger than all my other cats and he is one of the youngest ones.
see you Kyra